Who are we at Statesville 27?

Statesville 27 is a group of men who are united in a bond of friendship, morality, and brotherly love.  It is a local lodge under the umbrella of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina.

Although we have ancient roots, we are forward-looking group.  We put enduring truths into action for the 21st century.

Statesville 27 is a place where age, social status, political beliefs, and religious background are irrelevant.  Masonry teaches that what counts are the internal qualities of a man, not the external.

When you walk into a Masonic gathering at our lodge, you can feel the warmth of fraternity and fellowship.  We are a group of friends who enjoy spending time around each and we are always willing to welcome another into our company.

Our relationship with other lodges gives us chances to participate in leadership development and Masonic Research.  We are even related to a Motorcycle lodge.  When a man becomes a member of Statesville 27, he opens a whole world of opportunities and new relationships.

We are active in our community.  We, along with other lodges in the area, sponsor one of the largest one-day blood drives in North Carolina.  We participate in Relay for Life and raise funds for cancer research.

Statesville 27, along with the other lodges in North Carolina, supports the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford and Whitestone, a senior living community.

Our lodge is at the forefront of Masonry in North Carolina.  The lodge is home to the 2011 Grand Master of Masons of North Carolina, a Past Grand Master, and a member of the Grand Lodge line of officers.  Members of Statesville 27 serve on various Grand Lodge boards and committees.